Monday, December 15, 2014


Each year as I become older, Christmas becomes MUCH more commercialized and less meaningful to me.  I cannot seem to fine that sparkle or magic that it held all those many years ago in my youth.  The ads on tv are SOOO obnoxious during this season and I'm pretty sure Jimmy Stewart is rolling over in his grave with USA channel's showing of "It's a Wonderful Life" hosted by the Chrisleys (there, I wrote it, although I cannot speak it!).  Pure sacrilege!
The only saving grace this Christmas, and it is a very good one, is TCM's showing of several Christmas classics (including "It's a Wonderful Life") at the theater.  Heaven!

With each passing year, I find myself reflecting more and more on the story of my Grandma's childhood Christmases; experiencing longing and nostalgia for a time long before my birth!  My grandmother was born in Boynton, North Dakota during a raging blizzard in February of 1892.  She spent her childhood in Redwood Falls and Delhi, Minnesota where she lived at the train depots for which her father was station agent and telegrapher for the Minneapolis and St Louis Railway.  She had a sister a year and a half older than her and a younger brother.  They looked forward to Christmas with great anticipation.  Each year they received the same thing and it couldn't have been more magical for them.  Days filled with sledding and sleighing in the Minnesota winters of that time.  On Christmas morning they each received a silver dollar and an orange (an amazingly rare treat in the dead of winter in Minnesota in the 1890's!).  What would I give to experience the simplicity and beauty of their Christmas ritual rather than today's commercialization and gifts of tablets, smartphones, xboxes, computers, very overpriced toys, and the "I want, I want, I want's"!
From left:  Lloyd, Ella May and Hazel Browne (my grandma) circa 1898From left: Lloyd, Ella May and Hazel Browne (my grandma) circa 1898
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